Name: Anguish Malcorre
Race: Tiefling
Class: Wizard
Subclass: Arcanist
Deity: Sehanine
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 195 lbs.
Other features: Ash blonde hair, black eyes, pale skin, glossy black horns backswept and close to the skull, three foot long tail
Ancestry: Yndria, House of Oak and Ash

Mannerisms & Appearance:
Tall and imposing, with pale skin, black horns, and ash blonde hair. Favors dark clothes. Intensely focused during combat. Loud and happy when drunk. Meticulous with clothing and gear maintenance.

Personality Traits:
Friendly and outgoing, but manages to not volunteer any personal information. Expedient. Interested in exploring all possible areas for treasure and knowledge. Logic and reason rules over sentimentality. Carries an undercurrent of secrets.

Abandoned at a young age to grow up in the slums of a city, Anguish doesn’t remember her parents. The only link to her past is a ring with a coat of arms and an inscription in Tiefling that simply reads “Knowledge is Power.” During her second winter living on the streets, she was caught in a raging fire at the city docks. A fellow street-rat named Malcorre succeeded in rescuing her, but died as a result. To honor and remember him, she took his name as her own. The years following hardened her heart and left it’s mark on her spirit. Few people were to be trusted, especially those with power or money.

At the age of seven she began to manifest arcane powers, and worked to bring them under her control. Turning to thievery, with the help of her growing powers, she managed to steal books, scrolls, and manuscripts from noble libraries and wizard enclaves. Using the information within she single-mindedly pursued her studies, intent on becoming a powerful wizard and a serious contender in the political arena. During her studies she came across the coat of arms on her ring, and finally had a name: Yndria, House of Oak and Ash. There was little more than a single paragraph indicating that her ancestors were powerful arcanists, and acquired knowledge through any means necessary. The only other note alluded to an artifact, referred to as the Oak And Ash, the namesake of her house.

With this scant information in hand, Anguish set out to find this artifact, hoping to use it’s powers to further her own designs of beginning a restoration of her bloodline, and eventually the Tiefling empire itself.

In her eighteenth year she was contacted by a fellow Yndrian, possessing a ring identical to her own. Working together, they began to seek out others of their house. Though their numbers were few, Anguish found them deeply dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. They traveled the lands, often alone, to gather what information they could, preparing to build what would become the core of a new Tiefling empire. In a remote mountain monastery Anguish found an old and ill-kept tome with tantalizing fragments. That information has led her to Bedlam, and the Chaos Scar, in hopes of recovering further knowledge and items of power.


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