A small village has endured on the edge of the Chaos Scar, just outside the King’s Wall.

The village of Bedlam has endured on the near edge of the Chaos Scar. The inhabitants have to deal with numerous menaces, but refuse to leave. They believe heavily in The Curse which will cause the death of anyone who leaves the area who was born here. Indeed, every seven years, a plague descends upon the inhabitants of Bedlam. Each plague is different, the last three being spiders, worms, and flaming hail. This curse is well known to the inhabitants of the Scar, as it seems to keep the village safe. When a band of hobgoblins tried to lay siege to the village, terrible screams were heard among the troops in the night. In the morning, the hobgoblins were found dead after attacking each other. In the Scar it is said, “The curse wants the village of Bedlam to itself.”

The village is made of ruins from a larger, Roman-style settlement long ago. In particular, many buildings feature central courtyards, often containing the wrecked and weathered statues of now unrecognizable figures.

The ruins of the older settlement surround the village. There is evidence that a large fire once took most of these buildings, and the inhabitants use it the stones found here for construction materials. They have erected a low wall around the edge of the city by filling in the spaces between buildings and setting up defenses across the top of broken glass, blades, and sharpened sticks.

Most of the villagers either have meager farms of potato-like tubers, which are the only crop that grows in the thin soil, or raise hearty breeds of livestock (similar to Longhorn cattle, et al.) The eke out lives of poverty, and welcome to opportunity to get gold from adventurers eagerly.

The town is run by a surprising figure, a lawful good lich named His Honor Mayor Avellin. Usually referred to simply as “hisshonor”, Avellin has been in office for what may be centuries. According to legend, he was the mayor of Bedlam when the Chaos Scar was formed and is cursed to run the town evermore. He is a skilled necromancer and uses undead both as laborers and as guards. There is a persistent rumor that Avellin is actually the “Old King” who built the wall ages ago, but no one can prove it and his Honor will not speak of it.


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